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World Healing Project (WHP) promotes well being initiatives for people and the planet to help bring about health and happiness.

It was founded by Giles Bryant in 2007. We provide a service of teaching simple well being tools such as yoga, meditation, healing music, building peace circles and healthy nutrition.

WHP now works with many indivduals and organisations around the world.

As well as running classes and training we work in schools, hospitals, and special needs centres as well a putting on festivals, conferences, St George's Day celebrations, concerts, conscious clubbing nights and helping to raise awareness of things like our ancient heritage, the perpetual choirs, the healing power of music and wellbeing in schools .

WHP has 5 major initiatives:


We promote the benefits of yoga practice through our resources, classes, workshops, retreats and talks. After many years of study, we have designed a sequence of well being exercises that are simple, accessible to all and highly effective. Spending a few minutes practicing these every day can yield wonderful results to bring healing to body, mind and soul.


Through meditation we gain a greater awareness of our true potential and are able to tap into our inner resources of peace, success, love and harmony. We have produced a series of meditation CDs for adults and children, and run courses on meditation and relaxation techniques.


Sound is a powerful tool that can be used to heal, relax, uplift and connect people. Through our music, workshops, concerts and evnts we promote some of the finest healing musicians and sound therapists.


We specialise in designing and building sacred spaces and peace circles which can be created anywhere. These enhance a sense of well being and promote a deeper connection to our environment, whether this is our home, school or work place. We have built peace circles at some incrdible events in the UK such as the The Yoga Show and Out of the Ordinary Festival.


The food we consume profoundly affects our well being and also has a major impact upon the planet. Through our events, high vibrational food workshops and our community land projects we are showing the benefits of organic, sustainable, nutritious and delicious food.


WHP have been involved in helping to organise some of the UK’s most pioneering and innovative events.

Each year we build a peace circle an performing live music and the opening and closing ceremonies at The Yoga Show, in London. We have been part of pioneering conscious clubbing nights in and around London, such as Heartwave and One Love.

We work with the coolest and most-high vibrational festivals in England such as OOTO, Big Green Gathering, Festival of Life, Sunrise and WHP Gathering. We also helped launch the world’s biggest ever dance party, Heartwave, which is running for 1746 days.

We have organised concerts with some of the leading healing musicians in the world, such as Craig Pruess, ATMA and Vijay Jagtap.

What is World Healing Project?

about WHP

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