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Many amazing singers, musicians, producers, engineers & artists have been part of The Perpetual Choirs journey, both in recorded and live music.  Here are a selection of the many hundreds, with comments by songwriter and producer, Giles Bryant.


"The maestro! Craig is the leading producer of spiritual music in the world.  A musical genius and multi-instrumentalist.  Craig has sold millions of albums and worked in TV and Film for many years. Produced Jai Ganga Mahadeva.

jonny hugh.JPG

Jonathan Hugh

"A musical inspiration with his cello and his sound balancing helped make the first Perpetual Choirs album sound so fantastic.  Jonathan has played live with us and added the epic vocals to New Day and beautiful strings to the first album."

charles 3.jpg

"Charles is one of the best bass players there is.  A student of Berklee College of Music, he has developed an amazing melodic style of playing.  I needed something special for the title track, One World - Charles delivered genius."  


"My God-brother from another mother in Africa.  The Sax Pilot played some awesome sax on the recent album, featuring on Within You, One World and Ubuntu."

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 23.32.43.png

"One of my favourite singers in the world, Lucinda co-wrote a No.1 single back in the 90's, and went on to be part of Bliss - a band who did so much to uplift people's spiritual consciousness.  Lucinda co-wrote and sang I Start With Me."


"Tina is an amazing singer and human being.  One of my favourite singers for 20 years, it has been a privilege to record her voice.   Now back in New Zealand, and working as a community musician - sharing the love where it is needed. "

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 22.27.15 copy.png

"The Ubuntu song from the One World album needed a really special lead vocal - and I found vocal heaven with Lucinia Karrey, an award winning vocalist from Kenya.  I look forward to working with her again on more music."  


"My spiritual sister, Gaiea Sanskrit, is one of the leading exponents of chant in the world.  She sang lead vocals on World Peace Song from UNITY as well as featuring us in her 6-part film

ayoze dealejandro.jpg

"Ayoze is an awesome percussionist who added such a great vibe and flavour to several tracks on the One World album.  Working with him has been a joy, and I look forward to playing live with him too.  Awesome drummer and a great guy."


"Si is one of the world's leading didgeridoo players.  I met him in Australia after travelling from Om beach, and found the perfect person to play on the Mother Om track.  He did an incredible job, as he does in all of his amazing music."

Tom .jpg

Tom Bryant

"Brother Tom is a virtuoso guitar player.  As happy shredding licks as playing classical and 12-string.  He played lead guitar on Freedom & Within You and wrote and performed Can You Feel The Love Shine from the first album."

matt square.jpg

Matt Cooper

"Matt is a great friend and great musician.  He plays didj, percussion, guitar and bass.  He played bass on Archangel Michael, Freedom, Within You and Nature Is Beauty.  I love playing live with Matt - look out for us on tour!"

CK square.jpg

"CK is a soul brother.  We've sang and played music all over the place.  I love playing live with him - he is equally happy on the piano, percussion or guitar.  He added some vocals, gongs and piano on both albums."


"I am so pleased to have found the incredible flute playing of Rajat.  He can record in 432htz which most of the songs are written in.  A truly wonderful musician."

tabla tom.JPG

"Tabla Tom is one of the best non-Indian tabla players in the world.  I recorded the first part of May The Sun at his studio and he helped out on Mother Om as well.  I've really enjoyed playing live with him.  A lovely fellow from NZ."

flute player.jpg

"In 2014 I travelled to Varanasi to record with some of the finest Indian classical musicians.  I was blessed to have time with and record the great Hari Shankar at the International Music Ashram. Hari's bansuri flute closes One World.'

Jesse Ibdun.jpg

"For the Ubuntu track, I wanted to get an African horn section - and I was blessed to find Jesse.  I have recorded horns at Abbey Rd - Jesse provides just as good a job!  Awesome horns and trumpets on Freedom.  Top job, my man!'


"Graham is an old friend and collaborator on many albums and live gigs.  The former owner of Groovestyle recording studio, DJ, sacred drum practitioner, shaman.......what a guy!  Shared sacred drum and rattle to the One World album."

Akitogoto copy.png

"When looking for cello for Archangel Michael I came across Akito and he did a lovely job.  I then found that he partners with Julia (who I'd also got on board) in a company - whoknowssound.  Great string production."

Volodymyr Chyzhovych.jpg

"What a voice!  This man from Ukraine has a brilliant ability to sing harmonies and backing vocals that added real depth to One World & May The Sun.  I will definitely be calling on his awesome services for the next album."

akinwole copy.JPG

"I needed a really good African bass player for the Ubuntu song and I am blessed to have found Akinwole.  The deadline was tight and this guy delivered a phenomenal job and an inspired video too.'

Jo Engel.png

"I know Jo through our work together at KindaSound Radio, where lead the global community radio as station manager.  A passionate singer and superb human being.  Sings on AAM & Ubuntu.'

juliette bryant talks at HLF Haverhill 15.2.19 - photo by Giles Bryant.jpg

"Juliette has contributed vocals to both albums, singing on Getting Better & I Start With Me.  For the second album she sang lead vocals on Archangel Michael & Nature Is Beauty.  She is a beautiful being."


"Jen is a super-talented singer and pianist who I met at Abbey Rd Studios as part of the Peace On Your Plate band.  She has toured the world and has a great passion for veganism and music. She sang beautiful back up vocals on Within You."

Charlotte Spooner.jpg

Charlotte Spooner

"Charlotte is a passionate singer and songwriter.  We have recorded lots of songs together with various projects.  She has an epic range and ability, singing from the heart with love.  Vocals on Archangel Michael, Ubuntu & May The Sun."


"Gina is a beautiful soul.  Her vocals are superb and she sings with a spiritual connection and joy.  I love singing live with her - as she beams love out. Sings on Archangel Michael, May The Sun & Heya Ho."


Stephanie Lund

"Steph and I play live together with The Perpetual Choirs and Peace On Your Plate.  She is a classically trained musician who can work with bluffers like me.  I love the feeling of her playing Archangel Michael & Nature Is Beauty."

duo called life - Clare HLF16.12.18.JPG

"My great buddies D & C are always there to provide great musical accompaniment live and in the studio.  Dietmar is an awesome acoustic player and Catherine a passionate singer.  Great backing vox on Freedom & Archangel Michael.

Julia Stein copy.png

"Finding Julia has been such a joy.  She plays with flair and invention and records a superb violin sound.  Plays on Opening, Archangel Michael, Within You & One World.  A lovely person too."

Morgane Bagnouls.jpg

"Morgane has a beautiful, soulful voice that added lovely depth with her backing harmonies on Nature Is Beauty and One World.  A joy to work with.  Representing France."

Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 10.39.10.jpg

"I wanted to record a gospel choir for a couple of the tracks.  The world was locked down - how could I do it?  David & Tiffany were the answers to my prayers.  Multi-tracking harmonies from God on Archangel Michael & Within You.  Amen."


"I wanted to record a version of my Ho'oponopono song with harp and harmony vocals.  I found Elise back in 2014 and she sang the lead vocal so beautifully.  Years after we shared wonderful times singing together in India"

Natalia Dmukhovskaia.jpg

"Natalia graduated with a Master Diploma from St. Petersburg Conservatory (the world's most prestigious music school)  She is amazing!  And brought highlights to Heya Ho & One World with her incredible playing."


"A yogini and singer who is an inspiration in personal empowerment.  I have shared many happy times with this lady, singing & vibing atl places around the UK.  I produced her debut EP some years back.  Vocals on Archangel Michael."


"I was looking for Aretha Franklin style voice for the Freedom song, and I found someone special in Marnee from the USA.  She sang with the same vibe that Aretha did back in 1967 with Respect.  A lovely lady with a soulful voice."


"Kria has an incredible God-given ability to sing harmony parts.  When making big production vocal arrangements, working with people like her is a pleasure.  She sings superb backing vocals on Within You and to Freedom & One World."

pic 1.jpg

"For the Ubuntu song, I wanted to get singers and musicians from across Africa to build a really full, loving sound.  Fati sang beautiful backing vocals for the song, and represented Morocco, and the whole of Africa beautifully."


"Kizzy is from Zambia, a country where the 75 indigenous tribes each has their own distinct drum pattern.  Kizzy brought an epic vibe to Ubuntu with the Ngoma drum.   Also a wonderful storyteller and holder of knowledge & music.'

Sandeep Kewale copy.jpg

"Whilst travelling around India we stopped in the holy city of Varanasi to record at the esteemed International's Music Ashram.  Sandeep recorded tabla for Jai Sri Ram Hanuman.'

atman sheth.jpeg

"Atman is a top Indian music producer and engineer.  He did a superb job mastering the One World title track.  I look forward to collaborating with him for a song on the forthcoming 'A New Earth' album.'


"Having recorded Jai Sri Ram Hanuman throughout India about 7 years ago, when finishing the album I was looking for a talented Indian singer to sing the lead vocal - and am blessed to have found Indrahil.'

Shyam Rastogi  copy.jpg

"Dr Shyam Rastogi is a wonderful sitar player I recorded many years ago at the International's Music Ashram in Varanasi.  He is a disciple of Pt. Shivnath Mishra, who is one of the renowned musicians of Varanasi.'


Dmitry is a world-class bass player.  I sought him out to play on 'Heya Ho' both for his musical ability but also because I sensed his deep environmental connection which was so important 

for this song.  Super guy - check out his music!"

George Howlett - Tanpura.jpg

George very kindly let me use his tanbura samples.  He runs a brilliant website that is filled

with information on Indian music.

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