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Wellbeing In Schools

Wellbeing in Schools brings together the benefits of yoga, meditation, healing music, peace circles and good nutrition in an accessible way for schools.


Wellbeing in Schools will:


  • Enhance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of pupils and staff.


  • Improve a child’s potential to learn and achieve.


  • Teach children and staff ways to be healthy and happy.


  • Help pupils and staff fulfill their potential.


  • Create a positive, safe and healthy learning environment.


  • Help people to deal with difficult feelings such as stress, anger, disappointment and sadness.


  • Enhance a child’s confidence, self-esteem and social interaction.

































Who We Are


Wellbeing in Schools is the result of an on-going study by a team of education professionals, yoga and meditation teachers, music therapists and nutrition experts.


We run in-school sessions for pupils, teachers and parents with an innovative, clear and simple approach that has brought enormous benefit to children and adults alike.


Our Wellbeing In Schools sessions and resources are based upon a two-year study of theoretical and practical research.


We are experienced and enthusiastic practitioners who engage well with children and staff, and deliver a high quality service.


Why Wellbeing In Schools is needed


In today’s post Every Child Matters and Social Aspects of Emotional Learning society, children’s well being has never been higher on the agenda. OFSTED’s opinion is that “Children’s wellbeing and happiness in school underpins their attainment and achievement in school.”


As one head teacher told us “If a child is not healthy and happy they cannot learn effectively”. Many teachers would like to implement well being practices but often have little knowledge of how to proceed.This is where we can help.


What We Offer

We have a comprehensive system of class sessions, training and resources to address the issue of well being in schools.Our work is based upon our expertise in 5 key principles:


We have simplified taking yoga practice into schools with our system of Wellbeing Exercises, an accessible and highly beneficial sequence of stretches.We also teach other gentle and fun yoga postures that can easily be practiced in the classroom.


Exploring techniques of breathing, relaxation, focus and balance that can be applied to improve concentration and enhance brain function and emotional well being.


Healing Music

We have a number of music experts who teach simple and enjoyable songs using the voice, live instruments and percussion.These sessions have proved particularly popular in classes, improving learning, co-ordination, confidence and happiness.We also have specially produced music for schools available on-line and on CD.


Peace Circles

A peace circle is a focal point of peace that is easy to create.We run sessions in building peace circles that can be temporary or more permanent.A peace circle can be used to enhance a connection to our inner self, to other people and to our environment.


Our team of nutrition experts has developed guidelines to help pupils, staff and parents maximise their wellbeing through healthy eating and positive nutrition.


Each of these principles, when effectively implemented, has dramatic and positive effects upon wellbeing and enhanced learning.  This has been shown through our own work as well as by a growing body of peer-reviewed research. 

(See for example, Clinical Applications of Yoga for the Pediatric Population: A Systematic Review – Harvard 2009). 

Testimonials from Teachers


"The SATs results this year were the best we've had for years.  The attainment across the whole school is strengthening and progress is accelerating.   I believe the profile of wellbeing and music at our school has largely contributed to this." 
- Jinnie Nichols, Head Teacher Great Maplestead.


"Staff and children at Hurst Knoll thoroughly enjoyed our wellbeing day.  There was much to think about, and simple techniques and strategies taught to all will hopefully enable us to continue to benefit.  Many thanks for an excellent day.  Highly recommended." 
- Sue Nelson, Head Teacher Hurst Knoll, Tameside.


"Giles has been a wonderful discovery! He has a warmth and vibrancy that inspires and encourages all of our school community, as well as a gentleness that nurtures even the most fragile of souls. His deep commitment to developing and promoting positive self esteem and wellbeing is what makes him a very special part of our team here at Colne Engaine." 
- Julie Winstanley, Head Teacher Colne Engaine.


"Through Giles' well organised programme of yoga disciplines and techniques he has been able to show our pupils how to recognise a sense of inner peace, harmony and clarity of mind, which our pupils are learning to transfer into managing the challenges of everyday life in school and beyond. His teaching is inspirational, dynamic, fun and accessible to all pupils." 
- Maria Trappitt, Head Teacher Great Yeldham.


"Giles and the Wellbeing in Schools project have now visited us three times.  Our whole school community has been enriched by learning simple yoga and calming techniques which are used to prepare both teachers and children for learning. All staff have access to the team's invaluable DVD both as a teaching resource and for improving our personal wellbeing." 
- Jane Bowman, Dept. Head Teacher Holland Park Primary School.


"We enjoyed the training and the staff have already started to use some of the techniques in their classes or when working with small groups and individuals. We have found them particularly beneficial in calming classes down after play etc or in preparing them for some class teaching." 
- Linda Buchanan, Head Teacher Belchamp St Paul.


Testimonials from Pupils

The positive, life-changing effects that our work has had on children are the best testimony we could ever have:


“I feel brave and strong.”    

“I feel loved.”

“I am calmer now.”

“Learning the orange squeeze (tension release exercise) has helped me to relax in class
and sleep better at night.”

“I love the songs we’ve learned and I sing them in the playground.”

“I do the wellbeing exercises every day; they help me feel really good.”

Our Services

We offer classroom sessions for children in our wellbeing techniques and 1 & 2 hrs staff training sessions.

Please contact us for more information and to book a session.

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