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Loving Hearts is our new initiative to help bring healing into people's lives.

These beautiful works of art are hand-made in Suffolk, England from re-claimed woods and every one is unique.

They are created in a loving space and imbued with sacred oils.

For the best results:


Hang the Loving Heart in your home or garden where it is visible.


Spin the heart daily and whilst it is spinning connect to the Loving Hearts protocol:

1 - Connect to the love within you and send it out to the Universe.

2 - Find gratitude in this moment.

3 - Be kind - to yourself, others, animals and the planet.

4 - Forgive - yourself and others.

5 - Have fun and follow what brings you joy in life.


Best Wishes

Giles Bryant, Founder World Healing Project

Loving Hearts are only available by donation to World Healing Project.  Contact us to order one.

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