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In ancient times, a continuous perpetual choir was maintained at places around the world, to resonate healing vibrations into the planet.  
We wish to return physical perpetual choirs to help bring healing and raise consciousness.

To assist this process, we have been holding 'perpetual choirs' events in locations around the world.  
We have also put together a growing collective of musicians, singers and producers have been making music under the banner of The Perpetual Choirs.
A debut, self-titled album which took 4 years to produce was released September 2012.   
The follow up, an 8 year project, One World was released September 2021.  
The UNITY album was released 1st May 2024.

One World cover art.jpeg

Album Preview

Perpetual Choirs Tour Video

1 Hr Presentation

The Perpetual Choirs - map - artwork by Ashley Bryant and Giles Bryant.jpg

This is a map of the 2 cicles of perpetual choirs

MAY DAY perpetual choir.jpg
concert poster-5dec.jpg
21.3.21 (WEB).jpg
white leaf oak.jpg
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