A landmark musical project featuring some of the world's finest spiritual musicians who are encouraging people to return to singing sacred songs for world peace.

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Top. Simon Lyon.  Tom Bryant.  Craig Pruess.  Marcus Cliffe.  Renata & Steven Ash.  Tina Bridgeman.  Christian Kyriacou.

Middle.  Richard Fish. Juliette Bryant.  Giles Bryant.  Free Love.  Julia Palmer-Price.  Simon Todd.  Russell Stone.

Bottom.  Ben Hubbard.  Jonathan Hugh.  Lucinda Drayton.  Anne Malone.  Graham Game.  Andy Blissett.  Hanif Khan.  Vijay Jagtap.

The new Perpetual Choirs album, One World, is currently being recorded.  So far band members have journied to India, Australia, England, North America & Brazil and the album is well under way. 

So far featuring Si Mullumby (Didgeridoo), Shyam Rastogi (Sitar), Sandeep Kewale (Tabla), Hari Shankar (Bansuri Flute), Giles Bryant (Guitars, Voice, Drums, Piano), Jonathan Hugh (cello), Mareike Beyer (harp), Tabla Tom (tabla), Elise Yuill (vocals), Pete Warnock (vocals).


You can purchase a 3 track download of the tracks Ho'oponopono, Jai Ganesha & Mother Om.  Cost is £3 and we will send you a download code upon paypal payment.




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