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World Healing Project founder Giles Bryant has composed a song to accompany the Sing For Peace initiative.  It features musicians and singers from around the world including 
Ukraine & Russia.  It has been created to help people feel peace and sing it out to the world. 

The track was recorded in studios and on location around the world and produced by Giles at his Perpetual Studios in Suffolk.  The song was mastered by Andy Walter at Abbey Road Studios.

The song features words meaning 'peace' from many spiritual traditions.

Global singers and musicians include:
Gaia Sanskrit.  Lead vocal takes the listener into a state of deep peace.
Top bass player Charles Berthoud, now based in USA plays a melodic masterpiece. 
Violin supremo Stephanie Lund and Giles have arranged a string journey of beautiful healing.
Saxophone is by The Sax Pilot - Ibrahim Danbaba, playing for God from Africa.
Flute comes to us from the superb Rajat Prasanna from India.
Mandolin from Venezuela courtesy of Rodnell Matos.
Piano, Guitars and other instruments by Giles.

Backing vocals are from many people from around the world - who all gave their time and for free for this song:
Two incredible Ukrainian singers give breath-taking performances - thanks to 
Volodymyr Chyzhovych and Sam Adler for your layers of harmonies.  And thanks to Natalia from Russia.
The song starts and finishes with beautiful vocals from Fati - a wonderful singer from Morocco.  The Bards of Avalon, David & Bea sing on the songlines for world peace.  Juliette Bryant added layers of beautiful backing vocals and Stephanie Lund brought her classical and folk background to the fore with wonderful harmonies.  Lead vocalist, Gaiai Sanskrit also added group backing vocals with her crew, thanks to Harvey, Piloo and Jon.  And Giles added layers of  bass & tenor vocals.

​The track will be available initially through our bandcamp site and music video to the song will be released at noon on 20th June to link with the 24hr perpetual choir for world peace event.

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