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We offer classes and workshops in yoga and wellbeing for individuals and organisation for people with special needs.  Giles has taught in this sector for many years including a one year residency for Mencap running a weekly evening called LightSource.
We have also worked with Accuro, Parc, Care Homes for the Elderly and Disabled, Action For Carers and The Asbergers Society.


We have also written several articles for education magazines and journals on wellbeing and SEN.

Rachael Luckin, Leisure Co-ordinator of Braintree Mencap says
"Your classes promote a feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing amongst our members. They enjoy the diversity of the class itself, from the stretching and meditation, through to the exhileration of singing and making music themselves. Carers and service users are encouraged to join in promoting a feeling of unity and "oneness" that really cannot be beat!"

Rates for sessions upon application.


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